Consumer Price Index

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a statistical indicator that tracks changes in the price of consumer goods and services. The agency tracks not only the price of goods and services, but also the price according to changes in the quantity or quality of those goods and services over time.

To establish its overall measure of price change—its CPI—the Statistics Division collects the price for a number of selected goods and services that households typically purchase. These goods and services are referred to as the “shopping basket.” In the shopping basket, goods and services are organized by commodity type, and then divided into sections and subgroups. They are then assigned to a major expenditure category such as Food. The Antigua and Barbuda CPI has 12 major categories, 36 sections, and 68 subgroups.

Public Notice!

The Statistics Division has recently conducted an updating exercise to the Consumer Price Index with technical assistance from Statistics Canada, under the Project for the Regional Advancement of Statistics in the Caribbean (PRASC). This methodological update has allowed for a move towards a harmonized, international standard; the COICOP structure. To accommodate such, a basket update was done to review and update the sample of prices collected, review price index estimation methodologies, and update documentation and dissemination products.

Ultimately, the Division will be exclusively publishing the monthly Consumer Price Index via its website, in order to better serve its data users. This change will be effective as of January 2021. The Division is therefore asking data users to pay keen attention to such. The Division would like to thank our data users and stakeholders for their support as we continue to produce official statistics that meets our users’ needs.

*Please note that there are small differences as a result of the rounding at two decimal places. However, this does not affect the All Items aggregated index.

Please click link below for additional explanation of methodological changes:

Summary of the CPI methodological review (PDF – 217 KB)


Current CPI Reference Period: January 2019 = 100

Old CPI Reference Period: January 2001 = 100



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