Labour Force Survey

The Antigua and Barbuda  Statistics Division conducted a second Labour Force Survey (LFS) in 2018.

The LFS is a randomly selected household survey that provides estimates of employment and unemployment.  Labour statistics are used to guide government’s social and economic policies to develop one of its most important resources, its human resource.  Overtime, the information produced can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of government’s social policies and state of its labour market and the economic environment.

The main objectives of the labour force survey is to collect data on the adult population, fifteen (15) years and older who may be in the Labour Force (employed and unemployed) or classified as Economically NOT Active (i.e. not in the Labour Force).

Realistically, high frequency household survey data are needed for the country to formulate appropriate and effective social and economic policies and properly monitor the implementation of these policies. The survey seeks to use a harmonized approach among OECS member states to conduct household surveys to produce quality social and economic statistics in accordance with best practices and international standards and guidelines using harmonized concepts, methodology and questionnaires.

The information provided by the respondents will be used to produce continuous series of quality data on the unemployment rate, labour market composition and characteristics, housing, income, estimates by industry, occupation, public and private sectors which are essential evidence for economic and social development.  In addition, this would assist in the development of the labour market information system for Antigua and Barbuda.

Moreover, the Statistics Division under the Ministry of Finance and Corporate Governance generally solicits the support and cooperation of the general public to participate in these national exercises. The achievement of these exercises is highly dependent on the full cooperation of the general public.

The data will be collected through face-to-face interviews with members (or a member) of the randomly selected sampled households using Computer Assisted Personal Interviewer devices (tablets) through Survey Solutions with the Labour Force Survey questionnaire.

Any information provided to the Enumerators and the Statistics Division will be held in the strictest of confidence and information will only be disseminated in aggregated format.  All field staff have to take an Oath of Secrecy before the commencement of the survey and cannot divulge any information that is obtained during or after an interview.  Anyone violating this Oath can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Help us to Help You.  As our motto says: “Many Hands Make Labour Light”.

Data from our 2015 Labour Force Survey is available on our website.