Annual BOP & IIP Survey

The Balance of Payment of a country is a systematic record of all the economic transactions between residents of that country and the rest of the world. It is also a measure of changes in a country’s foreign assets and foreign liabilities over a specific period of time, usually one year.

The purpose of the balance of payments is to provide information for assessing the effects of the country’s international economic transactions on the domestic affairs of the economy. The record forms part of the larger system of national accounts, particularly the national income and expenditure accounts, in which the link between domestic production and expenditure and international transactions are identified.

The balance of payment (BOP) is published annually by the eastern Caribbean Central Bank. It is prepared by the Research Department in collaboration with the Statistics Division. The estimates are based on both survey and non-survey data collated in a format consistent with the sixth edition of the Balance of Payment Manual (BPM6) prepared by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Antigua and Barbuda Balance of payment mission is scheduled for October 2019. In this regard all entities are kindly asked to submit their outstanding survey forms to the Division since the deadline of July 28, 2019 has long passed.