About us

On behalf of the Antigua and Barbuda Statistics Division, we are very pleased to announce the launch of our website. Freshly designed with an interactive look and an intuitive navigation; this website is your ultimate reference tool to find information, including:

  • the latest statistics on a wide range of subjects;
  • a set of ready-to-use key indicators;
  • a catalogue of the latest publications; and
  • useful information to help you make sense of data.

Statistics help us to make knowledgeable decisions on many aspects of our lives. They provide a solid foundation to develop better policies and programs to improve the well-being of our family, our community and our work life as well.

As the trusted source of information on the social and economic situation of Antigua and Barbuda, we look forward in providing you with accurate, objective and reliable statistics. Our website will be updated regularly so come back often!

Our vision is to be a relevant, responsive and respected authority for official statistics.

We exist to produce quality official statistics by coordinating and engaging a national statistical system of users, producers and suppliers of data within a statistical development process defined by professionalism, integrity, transparency, accountability and advocacy.

The Statistics Division in the Ministry of Finance and Corporate Governance was established in 1975 by the General Statistics Act. The Division aims to provide high quality statistics to a wide variety of users including the government, business community, public, media, regional and international agencies, and academia among others. The main functions are data collection, data processing and compilation, data analysis, data publication and dissemination of official statistics.

Nationally, the Division consults with key public sector, private sector, civil society and non-government organisations that contribute to the production of official statistics. Regionally, the Division collaborates with development partners and regional agencies to ensure a harmonised approach to the development of statistics in the region.At the international level, the Division collaborates with development partners, international organisations and other stakeholders to ensure that the Division’s work and statistical outlook are consistent with international trends and principles.

Contact Numbers:
Administrative and General Services Section – (268) 462-4775
Economic and Business Statistics Section – (268) 562-7496/463-5197
Social, Demographic, Environmental Section – (268) 463-5198
Information Services and Technology Section – (268) 562-7492

Kindly feel free to contact the Statistics Division for any information/data you may require and a Dissemination Officer will try to facilitate you as best as possible. The Management and Public Relation Team of the Division stand ready to guide the general public on its management initiatives, strategic intent and publication productions soon to come on stream.

Finally, the Division looks forward to a productive relationship with you our stakeholders.